Reach depth 16 and retrieve the Wings of Yendor


Left Right Down : Turn

Up : Step forward / Attack / Interact

X : Open inventory

O/Z/C : Wait 1 turn

An adventurer in a cave is healed by mushroom spores, then uses an Orb of Gravity to descend safely.

Into Ruins is a roguelike for the PICO-8 Fantasy Console.

There are no stairs. Jump down holes in the ground to make your way to the bottom. You will encounter natural cave formations, crumbling dungeon rooms, and terrifying creatures on your way.

There are no doors. Tread carefully or the creature in the next room might spot you. Light helps you explore more easily, but also reveals you to your foes. Fires can spread wildly through the environment, while glowing mushroom spores can mend your wounds.

There are no classes or character levels. Expand your abilities by finding magical items on your descent, and bring them to their full potential with Orbs of Power.

Each attempt is a new beginning — the different types of orbs, staves, cloaks and amulets will not be immediately recognizable to you. Some experimentation is required to identify them. 

An adventurer fights jellies and goblins in a cave system, and is felled by an arrow.


Into Ruins was created by Eric Billingsley. It was greatly inspired by Brogue by Brian Walker.

Thanks to FReDs72, Heracleum, James Edward Smith, morgan, Oli414, Sim, SlainteES, SmellyFishstiks and Waporwave for beta testing and feedback.

An adventurer faces off with a goblin on a wooden bridge over a dark abyss.

Into Ruins is also available on the Lexaloffle BBS, along with a technical breakdown of the level generation and some of the development challenges. The full cart/assets are licensed under CC4-BY-NC-SA and available on github.


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