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This is a great puzzle game. It's fun, neat, and has it's own unique charm. It's also really relaxing and soothing. I don't play many puzzle games, I'm not great at puzzles, but Spring Falls has a nice learning curve that doesn't make the puzzles too difficult. I haven't yet beat the game, but I can fully recommend this to anyone who is or isn't a puzzle gamer. And for $7 it's a steal, I definitely recommend it.


I love this, this is one of my favourite puzzle games I've ever played.

This game is so soothing, I love how the puzzles evolve and grow with each increase of difficulty. There is something uniquely satisfying to find the solution after given a new task to work with!! Thank you for this game!!!

Fantastic game! Loved every moment of it!

Absolutely wonderful game that brought me a good deal of peace over the weekend. It's a testament to its design that there is only ever one instruction, yet by the end you're dealing with a bunch of different interactions. Really great.

really lovely, charming game. very relaxing and soothing and pretty. thank you for the ending, it was so unexpected and unnecessary but wonderful and such a perfect way to end it.

Thanks for making a linux version of this beautiful game!

Genuinely one of the better puzzle games I've played in my life. Inventive, fun, and ridiculously well polished. 

Beautiful and challenging


Got this game in the BLM bundle, but had already bought and played it on Steam. I love it. There are times when I want something challenging and others where I just want to sit back with a cup of coffee and play something relaxing with a gentler learning curve. This is that game. The colours, the music and the puzzles made for a beautiful calming little game to play on an afternoon during this crazy lockdown. =) 

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How can a human make a puzzle game with such a perfectly endurable difficulty curve?

Also the last puzzle was really really satisfying after going through all the other puzzles. I am happy that the developers scratched away some itching points I got playing the game.

Fantastic little game with the perfect difficulty curve for a puzzle novice like myself :) Excellent mechanics, gorgeous art and design.

Wonderful little game. The difficulty progression was nice and none of the (really clever) mechanics overstayed their welcome.

I played it with my dad and we both loved it!

Very charming and soothing game, interesting puzzle mechanics

This game is really lovely and beautiful. Clever puzzles, too. The last few levels are getting really challenging.

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