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I bought this game in the Indie Aid for Palestinian Bundle, I play it every so often when I get too stressed and need to turn off my brain. This game is very calming and I love the puzzle design.


Love this game


I love this game! I'm not too far into it, but it's hard not to love the ambient music and the level designs. Great physics puzzler!


Loved this game. Excellent puzzle design, UX design, and pacing. The introduction of new features and challenge each level presents is very well paced. Top-notch theming, very relaxing to carve out streams and waterfalls from the mountainside. Using running water was my favorite mechanic. Yall did a great job on this! 

Would there be any plans to bring this to Andorid?


Thank you and happy you enjoyed it!

Yes, I am planning an Android release but not sure when it will happen. Hopefully will have news to share soon

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This is a terrific game. A great idea, executed just right. The visual style is really well polished, the puzzles ramp up nicely, and the game feels like the perfect length. I was definitely worried that the puzzles would simply keep getting bigger and that their size would become the main obstacle. Luckily that wasn't the case!

A great choice, pick it up and enjoy!


I want like 10 sequels to this game. The puzzles are the perfect difficulty, the atmosphere is lovely, it is so dang relaxing.

An absolute gem of a puzzle game. Haven't finished it yet, but it is a soothing game, with great puzzle design, sound design and overall UX design. 

It's a great game that really achieves its aim : to make a peaceful puzzle game for short sessions. Thank you for this ! :D


This game is a beautiful and relaxing, intriguing little puzzle game. Well made!

played this around this time last year and i still think about it all the time. the best simple atmospheric puzzle game Ive played and with a motivation that really hit. pretty sure I cried at the end, tho it was a really tough year so take that as you will lol

Great game, puzzles aren't too hard or too easy. Good soundtrack and art. Now, to find something else by the author because I got this free in a bundle. 

My partner and I haven't finished all the puzzles yet, but we've been having a lot of fun with the ones we solved so far! The vibe is very gentle and relaxing too.

This is a game I find myself coming back to, the ambiance is very nice and relaxing, and the concept really drawn me in.

What a wonderful game! Downloaded it one morning and played only to realize I'd done 50 levels! The atmosphere is just so nice.


I'm really struck by the the zen aesthetic of the shifting earth and moving water concept. Running water, ponds, and pools are some of my favorite natural things. So to see a game incorporate the guiding of water as a mechanic for puzzles is extremely cool.

Admittedly, it might be too relaxing to personally play for long periods, XD, but I don't see enough games that look or work like this. And it is gorgeous.


This is such a lovely relaxing game.

The soundtrack is very soothing, it's very soothing to listen to while thinking about all the puzzles.


Wonderful game, loved it! The audio made it nice for atmosphere and the puzzles were challenging and satisfying!


Wonderfully peaceful and the perfect level of challenge for me. Introduces new mechanics often, and they all make sense without the need for complicated explanations. Near-perfect.


Great flowers and just a beautiful game with some surprisingly tough puzzles.  Hexagonal style really adds to the flare and the music is just magnifique (trying to do that weird like french accent with it).  Anyway just a fun game definitely give it a shot.

A great, peaceful experience, where you have to bring water to flowers in order to make them grow. Really relaxing are the ambient sounds and music, and pleasant are the visuals and the colours. From the point of view of the gameplay, this game offers a collection of puzzles - pretty straightforward in the most cases - with a slow increase in the difficulty curve and the addition of new mechanisms going forward with the levels.

Beautiful game with excellent gameplay. Absorbing and very chill.


That was such a beautiful game and a lovely experience! It starts gently and the difficulty curve is excellent. The visuals and music are so calm and pretty. A few friends and I played it at the same time and it was so fun comparing where we were at (and occasionally asking each other for little hints on extra tough levels). It's nice that you can skip a level or two if you get stuck. The last level is locked until you do everything else, and isn't that hard compared to the previous ones, it's more of a victory lap, and then there's a beautiful song during the credits! Loved it! Really excellently done!


This was a fun relaxing game.

A wonderful gem of a game, nailing the difficulty curve perfectly and with such a beautiful design all around!

Very good game to chill for four hours or so and play. There was only one level I couldn't figure out by the end, I'd highly recommend it!!! <3 <3

Beautiful game. Well animated and great sound design. 


Gorgeous game. Beautiful aesthetic, perfectly matched by the soundtrack. Clearly a great deal of thought has been put into details like the effect noises, how blocks move, how new mechanics are introduced and the order they're introduced in - building expectations and then forcing you to break them down with the next idea to be introduced. Overall, a fabulously calming but still very engaging game!


Thanks for the really great game. My wife and I played it over a few days and had a lot of fun with it. The atmosphere was really great and the difficulty was just right for us. I could listen to the soundtrack for hours!

very nice little game to echo an earlier review. keeps giving you hope when you think you're down and out! it gave me a Tetris effect for a few mornings while chipping away slowly over a week @__@

Absolutely delightful!

I really really love this, I could lose hours to it. Thank you for making it!


As reviews are not currently shown anywhere, would leave it here as a comment as well:

A very nice little game, very relaxing, with a medium difficulty. Best approached in a few goes: whenever you feel a bit stuck — go away from it, and when you'd return, maybe the water of your thoughts would make a path for the solution.

Superb mechanics, with a difficulty that ramps up as levels progress. For all its beautiful visuals and sounds, this game can be bang-your-head-on-the-wall frustrating, but I expect that in a puzzle game.

Mechanics - 5/5 - Every time I thought I had figured out the game, it threw something new and challenging at me. Each new mechanic fit it well with the old, and I felt like I understood more nuances of the old mechanics as I continued to play.

Visuals - 5/5 - Beautiful, clear, simple.

Sound - 4.5/5 - Overall quite pleasant, but the constant sound of running water isn't actually the most peaceful thing to listen to. If anything, it just made me want to pee.

Story - N/A

Overall - 5/5   Difficulty - Hard

Completed - 53 Levels (~2 hrs)

I really enjoyed this. I was disappointed that it ended! (However, I did like the ending.)

wonderful relaxing puzzle game, difficult but never frustrating

This was very fun and incredibly pretty. Got stuck a few times, but not an unreasonable amount. would recommend to anyone who likes puzzles.


Such an excellent game. Gorgeous environment: each puzzle sets its own unique mood, while the entire descent down the mountain is a smooth coherent environment.  The mechanics are intuitive, and it was a great challenge without being overwhelming. I felt like a flower hero. :D

This game is fantastic. Good difficulty curve, beautiful, satisfying puzzles.

Beautiful game. Sound is smoothing. Got the mechanics after first few levels.  Good game overall.  


Gorgeous puzzle game with a beautiful soundtrack and clever mechanics


Great design, easy to get a grasp on mechanics just by playing. Good difficulty progression, lovely visual and audio design, perfect package for a relaxing little puzzler.

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