classic tunes & chill beats

created by Eric Billingsley for the PICO-8 Free Music Jam

original compositions by Erik Satie

cover art inspired by Portrait of Eric Satie at the harmonium by Santiago Rusiñol and lofi girl by Juan Pablo Machado

thanks to Packbat and Bikibird for organizing the jam and providing the sample album cart

licensed under CC4-BY-NC-SA


to use in your pico-8 game, first copy over sfx 0-7, the custom instruments (you can copy these easily from the pico-8 music tab in sfx view, though you may need to use the sfx tab to paste)

then, in the pattern view, copy over the patterns for the track(s) you need -- this should automatically copy over the needed sfx as well

implementation info

I tried to keep things relatively accurate to the score, with a few liberties taken here and there in the accompaniment and some chord notes left out where necessary

in addition to the 8 custom instrument sfx, gymnopédie no.1 uses 21 sfx slots, gymnopédie no.2 uses 18 slots, and gymnopédie no.3 uses 17 slots. Collectively they use all 64 slots, so if you need room for other sound effects then choose just one or 2.

the pieces use all 4 channels, though I've tried to arrange them in order of priority:

  • channel 1 contains mostly single chord tones and can be safely interrupted without being very noticeable
  • channel 2 contains the percussion
  • channel 3 contains the main accompaniment (bass and chord tones, usually harmonized to a 4th/5th using detune)
  • channel 4 contains the melody

when all 4 channels aren't needed, I've tried to rearrange things to keep channel 1 free

if you need a loop rather than a complete piece:

  • gymnopédie no.1 loops well in its entirety if you change sfx 28's length from 12 to 9, or just loop patterns 0-4 if you want something shorter
  • gymnopédie no.2 loops well from 19 back to 11 or from 16 to 11 for a shorter loop
  • gymnopédie no.3 loops well from 28 back to 22 or from 24 to 22 for a shorter loop
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Made withPICO-8
Tagschill, chiptune, classical, lofi, Relaxing, satie


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gymnopedie_no1.wav 8 MB
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Thank you for the music! I've included it in my new game:

Happy it's being used, and very cool game! Thanks for sharing :)


Good remix and one of my favorite classical melody!


I’m still stunned that you pulled this off. Good job!